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Hello and welcome to the journal of Scarlet Blackwell. I write erotic romance, both men with women and men with men. Love is love no matter who you're with and I write about soulmates.

My favourite themes are history and vampires, even better if they're together!

I usually have several pieces going at a time and periodically, I will post excerpts from either works in progress or already finished works.

Please visit my website

Competition winners

Congratulations to Beverly, Linda and Yvette who won copies of Sin Row and Immortalpyro, who won Into the Light. Please stay tuned for further giveaways and excerpts.

Work in Progress excerpt

An unedited peek into my latest story, Witness Protection.

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My website is currently down but not out, due to having to change to a new account. ETA: who knows.

Table for Two print anthology

One of my favourite covers so far - the wonderful artwork for Table for Two. Coming... not soon.

Author spotlight at Total-e-Bound

Silliness abounds at my recent interview at TEB. I'm a boring topic, so lies and exaggeration helped.

Sinful coming 5 March 2012
If you read my 2011 book The Captain's Man at all and found it vaguely entertaining, please give me a vote at Whipped Cream Book of the Year and I'll give you a kiss.

Book Competition

To celebrate 3 years since the publication of my first book, I am offering 3 PDF books to 3 lucky winners!

Although common themes run through all my books, the three books I've chosen for the competiiton are somewhat different from each other and so you can choose which one you want to win according to your taste.

Beached Hearts is one of my favourite books and is heavy on the romance.
Inspector Conor Kelly’s heart broke and his life fell into disarray seven years ago when his father disowned him and his lover Liam left him. Now Conor is fighting both old, lingering pain and a new, fierce attraction to Eli Sanders, a marine biologist—just like Liam—who is only in Ireland for a short time to study the unfortunate death of a whale. Conor will have to find the courage to face the demons of his past, because if he lets Eli go without making his feelings plain, it may very well be Conor's last chance at love.

For those looking for something more saucy, but still featuring romance, I offer Sin Row.
On Sin Row, the cops are more bent than the criminals…
Getting sexual favours from rent boys on Sin Row is a perk of the job for corrupt cop Blake Astor and his partner Ronnie Kemp. When Io Spencer appears on the scene, though, Blake’s seldom-troubled heart gets involved. When things escalate out of control, is he prepared to risk everything for Io?

Finally, I offer the first book in the Clear Water Creek Chroncicles series, Into the Light, for those who prefer their romance darker and more controversial. Please be aware the book features a graphic rape scene. Don't ask to win this book if it will offend.
Sheriff Sean Keller hides a terrible secret - he watched a heinous crime committed eighteen years ago and did nothing to prevent it. Now he finds himself face to face with Eden Gray, the victim of that crime, who is now not so much the boy anymore, but the man. Eden makes Sean sit up and remember those forbidden desires he thought he had locked away forever and the guilt which has blighted his life.

The competition opens today and runs until 5 May. To enter, please leave a comment with an email address and your choice of book. The most interesting three comments will win a copy of their preferred book!

Thanks for looking.

I Am Fallen - 17 March

The beautiful artwork for I Am Fallen, coming 17 March from Silver Publishing.